New Florida Landscape Photos

September 17, 2013  •  Leave a Comment
I have uploaded some new pictures in my Florida Landscapes Section. These are from a recent trip to Stuart, FL and the place is called the House of Refuge. On one side of the road, you have the beach with a wooden lighthouse and rock formations and on the other side, you have a lake with a fishing pier that is also used for weddings. The first night of the trip, I had planned to take sunset pictures at the pier, but when I arrived a wedding was taking place so I unable to shoot anything there so I went across the street to the beach and captured a night time shot of the rocks with the moon.
The next morning, I woke up early and headed to the beach side in hopes of capturing an amazing sunrise picture and while I was in mid shooting, I noticed towards the other side of the road that some interesting pink clouds were forming so I immediately grabbed my equipment and ran to where the lake and pier are located and captured a couple of amazing shots of the pink clouds reflecting on the lake with some yellow flowers. After this I ran back over to the beach and a storm was fast approaching which made for some interesting shots with the rocks and the lighthouse. Then as I packed up and headed to my car, I noticed a storm and a rainbow over by the pier so I immediately headed over there and captured images of the pier with the rainbow. I took some of the rainbow with the storm and others of the rainbow starting to disappear has the storm cleared up.
I have been taking sunrise pictures for years and always hoping to capture a shot with storm clouds or a pink sky with clouds and have never had much luck until this trip. I will definitely be back at this location in the future.
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