Jeff Brezner(non-registered)
Melissa, My wife and I are so glad that you shared your web page with me. Your photos are wonderful.
Carol Ferrero(non-registered)
I'm so glad that I bumped into you a "camera club" yesterday. I saw your online photos after you shared your business card with me and I am truly humbled by your talent. Your nature photos are truly wonderful and a real inspiration to a "beginner" like myself.
Lorenzo Cassina(non-registered)
Thank you Melissa for sharing your great website with me. I saw your excellent work through Outdoor Photographer but now discovered a lot more to like confirming you have a trained eye and wonderful presentations for beautiful photography. Sharing the same passion, and places as Flamingo Gardens, I'll see you around. Keep up your good work!
All the best,
Lorenzo Cassina
Sharon E. Norris(non-registered)
Adam gave me your web sight to visit and I'm glad he did. As a photographer myself I really appreciate your work is Awesome very beautiful. Love your seascapes and landscapes. You have a great eye for capturing the feeling of the photos you take.
Love them very much
Sharon E Norris
Calvin Reeser(non-registered)
The mountain landscapes are the past. They take back to a time I've never known but wish I could have.
Melissa, your photos are amazing! I wish I were there in most of them! The flower ones are so beautifully done, I am truly impressed by your talent.
Pamela (Jonathan's friend from FAU)(non-registered)
These photographs are outstanding. I know you will be successful Melissa and I wish you all the best. Much Love.
You are VERY talented!! I wish you much success!
bonnie petrillo (cousin)(non-registered)
your pictures are beautiful and I wish u much success with them
Yamel Alba Kuri(non-registered)
Dear Melissa, your pictures are beautiful the brightness and colors are amazing!!,Im a fan of all visual arts. You are a talented artist. Congratulations
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